Poetry Corner: James Earl No Time to Play

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You died,  but  he’s still living.

You  failed as a man,

He probably educated your Grandchildren .

Hope you feeling well in hell,

Ex-convict that’s the ultimate jail.

You are a pusillanimous bathroom bitch ,

As you hid and aimed armed with a Remington 30-06.

Oh  my WORD  in a world with people of your same sentiment,

I Will Never Surrender my Mossberg. 

What did you accomplish? You didn’t really complete your mission

You only taught me to love and buy more ammunition. 

Cowardly you won the battle. 

The man you killed wasn’t a dreamer he was wide awake. 

Dreaming  never  harm sho’ not a  missile

If you’re Black in America you just ignorant if you’re not armed with a pistol. 

Can’t you see? 

If they can kill a powerful man what do you think they can do to me? 

I’m not here for guessing I’d just rather carry and train with my Smith & Wesson. 

Feel free to continue to pray for hope and blessings. 

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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