Am I a citizen or a slave 

They told you put the mask on 

And y’all niggas well behaved 

The news got you scared to die

It’s the end times 

They want your spirit and your mind 

Load up the Magazines

Cause they coming with the UNCONSTITUTIONAL forced vaccines 

2020 is a Trip 

They wanna get you accustomed to following the crowd so they can easily insert the chip

Will I resist Tyranny 

Or will I succumb to the fear in me

We’ll find out 

Church folks had Faith all my life 

Now they filled with doubt 

They took our Freedom to roam 

Gave us dates to get our lives back 

If you believe they now intentionally restricting the will of the Public 

I’m sorry to inform you 

The Masses smoking brainwashed media crack

The writing is Cristal clear very unambiguously on the wall 

God sends many Messengers

So the sheep can’t say nobody told yall 

It’s not over till it’s done 

They ready for war

And we worried about Football season celebrities and having fun

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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