Poetry Corner: Interment Keys

Every parent has the responsibility to raise the best generation so far,

Why he can barely read,

But already talkin’ bout a bitch and a car?

Analytically from the mind,

The ability to think critically must be  derived,

If not the Black existence is deprived

They gave slaves crumbs,

Now we are like we don’t understand why blacks are numb.

Wanna take the guns if we don’t MIND the problem the shooters,

Will turn to bombs,

We cheer own a fight then cry when the funeral comes,

Tell him to rest in peace,

Destitute was his life,

Therefore he had the resolute,

It was either him or somebody else,

Nobody cared who got the execute,

Tired of the wreaths to be free:

Start with you, I’ll start with me.

Broken People are seldomly good collectively


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  • Sergio Wilson

    Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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