Poetry Corner: I Don’t Recall Asking

Your liberties do not come from the government,

 But most don’t comprehend,

 So they got you in the mothafuckin’ house.

Like MC Eiht as a consequence.

Just what will they take next?

They buying up your freedom and your Peaceful submission through the stimulus checks

A man can’t ride your back unless it is bent.

2020 proved a generation to be easily persuaded and it don’t make no fuckin’ sense.

 As the music got a little too intense,

 I guess the people got scared and dense.

Who will face the opposite direction of the crowd?

Why you think they got people walking in Walmart in a single file?

It’s all for the mental condition.

 Let the wrong mechanic inside,

Watch as they fuck up the transmission of millions.

Popular thought trained minions.

All y’all love Obama but privately

You’re not in his thoughts nor his mentions.

As we got shot he sang, “Amazing Grace” made ways for the gays and took a Jumpshot.

 If they can restrict the God-given right to breathe freely,

the actual confiscation of liberty they figure will be easy


Now is the perfect time Learn to love your brother 2020 been a rough one

If Blacks and Americans at large don’t get the bigger picture how shall we see another?

Life for Blacks is cold and odd

I wanna go for a run 

But I gotta pack a gun so I don’t get got by White fake Supremacy,

 Like Ahmad

Gotta train use the brain 

Freedom is to die for so they respect the concept and for the future it can remain 

Anyone who guarantees your safety is a liar

They got you begging to stay in your house 

The Perfect setup for them to collapse the economy and set the Constitution on fire

A coward dies a thousand deaths

But a soldier only one time 

Y’all can let them have your inalienable rights if you want 

But I would have to be dead for them to take mine.

 If we don’t have the autonomy to live and roam the place we call a Country is no longer our own

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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