What is a ride or die?
Someone to be by your side.
The one who will never tell you lies.
That one that can’t stand to see you cry,

And wipe the tears from your eyes
They’ll lift you from the low to bring you to the high.
Not like smokin a Dutch,

She’ll do more then just lift you up
Everyday is the day when you had a long day,

You come home to that person that’ll take all the pain away.
If you feeling low, so low to the ground,

Everytime you try to get up,

You can feel the negativity of people trying to keep you down.
I’ll never let that happen, so long as I’m around
When God made Adam, he took a rib to make Eve.
To complete the circle on a vise-versa need.
Basically your what I’m missing in this life is nothin,
If I don’t have you to complete me.
I don’t wanna sound to needy, better yet clingy.
I wanna be your heart, cause my body is missing a soul
It’s like I’m nothin without having you to hold.
It’s funny cause you bring me warmth when it’s cold
The baddest women could be everything a child dreams of
But a blind man with one leg could see your everything he needs.
Cause loving you in this day and age has now become a rarity.

Basil Cowen is a poet