Poetry Corner: Grap Ya Boots

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I was locked in chains,

Now I look good in one.

I was trapped in knowledge,

But now I put the hood on some.

In search of deaf ‘cuz we can’t  hear freedom,

We must all practice our instruments as we beat the drum. 

They disrespected our innocence all the way from an infant,

No longer faced with regret the future is ours to protect. 

Time to soldier on ‘cuz there’s nothing else they will respect. 

They love to actuate the hate stopping you from being great. 

As a philosopher I understand the plan of why they trying to stop you. 

They can’t  out-think or outsmart you so they choose to drop you. 

That’s the letter of the law.

They wrote it as an attempt to write you off. 

In the wilderness of “woke” but we still lost. 

We all gotta die they just  haven’t picked their cross. 

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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