You either stand up straight or be a crooked man

Nothing else to choose from in this wicked land

You’ve been admonished

Your potential stretches far beyond this

I’m here to catch you before the fall

Drop the street life or inherit those walls

“The Man” out there once captured the state owns ya balls

Freedom vs Death hope the blood gets to your brain sovereignty and autonomy is true manhood fuck makin a name

Your goals and the betterment of self

The most beneficial direction to aim

My epitaph is the memory of my deserted path Life + 25 years= insurmountable math

Embrace Reality or be lead to slaughter like a calf

What could I do with a couple lines and stanzas?

The same thing Huey did with a gun a dictionary and a panther

Deliver Power to the people

Approach intellect like an addition problem

Contemplating what it equals

Edge you up with the help of Webster

So your diction and verbal fluency don’t ever


Helping you remember you actually owe something to this life

What man doesn’t want the blessing of some kids and a wife?

Quit cheating yourself

Life is not a game but neither is death

You more than this street shit

Actually a God AKA a Alchemist

The universe is a puzzle

Your Purpose is to find the peace

Your soul misses