Poetry Corner: Eye See Slave People

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I see what Pac was talking about 

It’s time to Killuminati 

The virus is merely a set up

So they can put the chip in ya body

Hopefully I’m wrong 

Hopefully your immune system plus your 

Mental and Spiritual Processing is strong 

We should all be pissed irate mad

Wanna hear some funny shit??

The CDC done made a fuckin Pandemic

One of the most Popular TV and YouTube ads

Yes Folks it’s really a Business trained to use everything against you even your religion 

They got us Hook line and sinker 

You can be whatever in this plastic ass world 

But to drain the devils energy 

We must all become well developed thinkers

Truth is they want agreeable Robots without Freedom to run or roam 

Pretty fucked up when you realize the only true Lucky Souls are the Dead and Gone

Gone are the days of ignoring society’s ill or working just to survive and get by

Y’all either going back to work as worst off slaves bio-weaponized or digitally wired

That Stimulus Check from Mommy Government Ain’t really for your needs

It’s to serve as a pacifier 

We behave like babies 

But outside of the pamper this shit gets really deep 

We gave them our freedom to babysit 

And now it’s theirs to forever keep 

We always talk celebrity 

But it’s the average American Public Puppet 

Who ACTUALLY sold out to the elites

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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