Poetry Corner: Evacuation of Toxic Love

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Our love burns,

It was once so soothing to my soul in the cold, N

Now the smoke of it is smothering and suffocating.

Engulfed by the flames of the fire,

That burned up the last of my love and desire.

We stood there and watched the life we built together become ashes.

Our souls separated,

It was a tortuous kind of pain,

That nearly drove me insane.

This love burned beyond the heart to the third degree of my whole being,

 Killing and suffocating me,

Taking up all the oxygen I needed to breathe.

Trapped in a form of hell,

I was under his spell,

Pleading to be released.

Let go of me,

So I can live and you can leave.

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Christy Angelette is part of the Generation X generation. She is a mother of three amazing sons and is a southern Queen born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an advocate for mental health and destigmatizing mental illness. She also has a published book entitled, “Unbalanced”, a fact and fictional book on matters of mental health, abuse, toxic relationships and healing. It is available via Amazon, Google, iTunes and Barnes and Nobel.

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