Poetry Corner: Double Suicide

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44 vs 45 Like gunshots to the head

Hard for us to survive

No matter which you carry

It’s a guaranteed funeral for us

Every four Januarys

No matter which you dread

Both have a political brand of poisonous lead

44 got us involved

However around us his policies failed to revolve

Effectively tragic no surprise to anybody

45’s hatred is automatic

See the fake through the real

45’s plains were openly carried

44’s agenda covertly concealed

Negros ain’t suppose to have guns no way

So real freedom we have no idea

Between Facebook and the news

They own popular opinion

We “like” and “follow” along like

Perfectly trained minions

Scared to walk alone

Can’t wait to vote in

The next piece of fatal Chrome

Grand theft hope

The game is on

Player 1 vs Player 2

Cause the system owns the throne

Good and evil is the perfect blend

They keep us all fooled so nobody wins

American double barrel

Even Ricky couldn’t get away in the end

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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