Poetry Corner: Do you Really?

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A mind is a terrible thing to waste,

Reality is too effortful to face

We all have a dream today

Gone is authenticity

You’ve allowed them access to your “Manhood”

Spoon-fed the lie of “toxic masculinity”

Inner resources of the average black soul is deceased

If King’s intellect is still alive

By us there’s no peace for his mind to reside

You love a immigrant you’ve never met

In an instant tell a homeless black man to back away from ya ride

Bunch of fake ass real niggas with damaged pride

He had a dream

Woke up

Then died

To him we owe a debt

We don’t approach higher learning for the ladder

Merely for the White man’s check

After him we mourn for intelligence

We fell short,

A rolling of the tide of sorts

To kill each other

Unrighteously is the real favorite sport

No matter the team you support

Team black they’ve engineered us to abort

We don’t faithfully Honor King

The Government allowed us a day to purport

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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