Poetry Corner: Dear Son

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Get someone you can teach, learn from and lead.

Don’t just get some pretty soil,

But also someone who can harvest a seed.

She can be loud or quiet,

So long as y’all can go on a knowledge diet.

She could be the dirtiest in the bed,

But it is imperative that’s she’s well read.

If she shows signs of insanity,

She might just encourage and prompt your kids to use profanity.

To the end no matter how close,

When you down THAT’S when she’ll show her colors the most.

If you’re both free and happy,

The marriage shall be filled with great alacrity.

You got a lot of  pride,

If you don’t learn to guard your spirit,

Your soul will be forever mortified.

Learn to manumit your manly wit.

As a man you should earn respect no matter who you’re with.

Master the English language till you smooth as shit.

Diction coincides with intellect.

Two People writing instead of yelling helps to better interconnect

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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