Poetry Corner: Culture

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I am black but have so many.

I am more than that.

I have a past, present and future.

I have a history, deeper, darker than the sky.

Eyes as stars.

My mind is open, looking and searching.

At the same time, a cloak, hiding and revealing.

I am -here, the moment that can make me love, hate, and show me as the same.

I am a teacher, dragging torn, bruised skin, showing offensive beauty.

I am the event,

The sight for curious envy-like the ugly hustler with an exotic woman.

I have a history, making me relatable and a stranger.

I pick the lessons that make me-what culture says… IS!!!

If I refuse the ones that shame,

it makes me ignorant and ignorance educates others to my flaws.

And that… If I am not careful,

will only make me relatable to strangers.

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