Destroying the image of self and others products of the social trending times mental slavery perpetuating the decline of the black family and community some don’t care but others don’t want to know.

They have us brainwashed not seeing anyway to escape the maze everybody believing it’s uncontrollable like a phase, selling drugs to our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers because of their self hate.

Stuck in the inconceivable reality to the the sleep daze working a 9 to 5 breaking your back afraid to work hard AND demand a raise from your boss, others come home from a cell refusing to accept irrelevant labels like lame only wanting the hood fame & praise sacrificing yourself to death row.

The outlier I was the one you ignored I would never sell my soul my conscious came in to bold the player you never knew was playing but the strongest and smartest on the board, our life’s destiny is to realize we’re gods patiently waiting our turn to proclaim check mate because we control our fate!