He promised me forever,

Instead he gave me a lifetime of lies, cheating and midnight silent cries.

Two babies I birthed,

The last I pushed out into his very hands.

Now because I escaped him,

I am being denied my God given right to daily hear “mama.”

I guess you can say he honored his threats of deception and pain,

Instead of the vow of fidelity and honesty.

He gave to me an unholy matrimony through conception,

Our souls were connected and bound by babies,

And unhealthy controlling chains weighing me down;

I bore and loss over a decade of my life, joy and light in my eyes.

Living with the gnawing knowledge inside.

Yes, have you settled and served the equivalent of prison time?

I moved a whole city away and still the trauma of his words and wrath of his hands haunt me. 

My Torn, weary divided heart and mind was already wounded and not allowed to heal with time. 

In the beginning my eyes were covered by the illusion of love,

What I failed to see,

We were never not a match made in heaven,

But a set up from the very pits of hell.

Never meant to be.