Poetry Corner: Black Sheep

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I’m a prisoner in my own mind we use to be one of a kind I move you move I had your back you had my back we promised they’ll never catch us lacking in them streets.

They looked at us different but couldn’t put their finger on it and describe us it was more than blood and trust if I love you I’ll ride and never change up our bond was deep.

I learned to focus and realized these corners and back blocks weren’t my home just borrowed fun and time like a loan, I had to step into my zone accept what I wanted to sew then I was in my own just me.

Put myself first but to y’all I turned my back but the real in you know that’ll never be the fact, I’m black balled now the only one talking back to me is the walls we couldn’t imagine the fall off would be this steep.

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Evan Wheeler hails from Camden, NJ. Most know him as Huey X, which is his selected born again name. It was selected by his love of Huey P Newton and Malcolm X who he follows for their beliefs and looks up to as his mentors. Huey is a well educated brother by the standards of college, as well as being a self taught activist and revolutionary through his experiences in life. He also thinks of himself as an entrepreneur being involved in so many different fields that include: poetry, writing, youth advocacy, business development, investing, and production. He is, “Always looking to advance the culture & legacy ".

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