Avoiding negativity even though it’s around us all we see and experience not blinded by the fallacies of society chasing notoriety lulling us to sleep pull back the drapes and put on your cape.

Too short for a sport nigga it’s horrific glorifying these drug dealers don’t forget the one’s wearing makeup and concealer, the “better” gender finessing, twerking, and tricking I feel ashamed, what happened to my sista’s?

As I write this poetry the vision is positivity embracing love the only way we’ll be free so a shuck and jive you never get out of me, drink from my cup indulge in the beauty of crushed grapes with time we mature like fine wine lets keep the faith as the new conscious takes shape.

We just believe in change not just in ourselves but the culture let the hope live in in this young nigga, the streets deceived made you believe you’re rebels and gangsters but in reality just 1’s and 0’s to the system nothing more than house niggas.