Poetry Corner: Be Men or End

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As Black men,

We must no longer forget the seeds we  beget.

You have no plans so far,

How must the next generation of blackness get far?

You gotta set the bar,

Hard to raise kids from afar. 

You supposed to be the 

fulgent father figure, 

Shining bright.

You supposed to l

eave the  light on,

But you chose to be out of sight.

It’s looking dim tonight. 

Step daddy in the house encouraging son t

o  hit the  pipe. 

He’s  smokin’ up his dreams,

As it seems NO ONE equal to your impact is on his team.

He’s  talented,

Just wasn’t taught how to  manage it. 

His brain  is  on the  floor,

It wasn’t so much the gun,

But  YOU that  damaged it more. 

Just remember that as we close the casket door. 

Pick your tears up,

Cause they ain’t worthy of the floor. 

Once you  fail as a parent.

You  fail as a  man.

Since you rejected  him,

Death  accepted him and ran. 

Uncle Sam ain’t gotta kill you no more, 

Cause we freely and  cheerful  advanced the plan. 

All while all the  dumb chicks holla,

They don’t need no man,

Yet the problem they still can’t understand. 

Yo lil boy most  likely  gon’ be  dead or,

A bitch without a man teaching him about life,

And in it how to  stand. 

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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