Credit is due America’s favorite democrat,

Has to be you.

Exactly how you witness it in hindsight.

Has always been our view,

Despite what you ran on.

Only thing “Changed” is the size of your wallet.

Got on the boat with some billionaires,

Now you profess to care?

Please stop it!

We were your thesis to get you there,

Midway through the essay you switched topics.

In your heart we had no real place.

It’s evident rom you there was no benefit

Spat on our history,

Gave  reparations to Cherokee Indians.

Oh yes we can!

Even on a stormy day,

Got shot up by police and white supremacist.

Studied our religious ways,

“How to shut these niggas up?”

OWW I KNOW I’mma just lead a damn song and Pray.

I was the white owner in black face.

So whatever I say,

Them niggas will just cheer me on and “stay”

Massa “We sick”,

Flu season BEEN in effect just for us?

You couldn’t authentically give a shit.

You fixed the economy

Hope was the word

Yet you gutted us same way Mitt Romney was goin do big bird.

Swear on the flag in your hand,

Not standing on the words you full of is

Precisely the formula of an empty man

2020 put us now in clear view

What glitters wasn’t gold  it was see through.

A  Deceiver dressed up as “The cool one”,

It was a costume at the door,

Because a “Black” president in my lifetime??

I’m Stevie cause it’s a wonder I never seen one before.