Poetry Corner: BANG BANG BANG: Got Dang, R.I.P “Pops”

You win some You lose some but you fight another day 

Should I grab the pistol, fight or pray?

But if I refuse to engage do I become the Prey?

Watch the switch 

The 2nd Amendment was made to defend men

Not to protect no bitch—- Ass Nigga

9 Millimeter or Your heart 

Which to God is bigger?

Gotta a gun

But you scared of the Wasp 

Cause that truth gon

Sting at any cost 

They gave your uncle 22 years 

Long ass time away from 

Family, Friends and Peers

Trapped in the Penitentiary

Fought and Bled to get away from slavery

Can the realest nigga handle the actual Responsibility of being alive and free?

The Disenfranchised must learn how to Stay focused And deeply Analyze

If you wish to Picture beyond the streets

To live till you gray and wise

As “Pops” would say “you got to coordinate”

Meaning  organize your life and Mentalities

Before it’s too late

Sergio Wilson
Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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