Poetry Corner: Auto Correct

Love ya enemies but hate ya own 

Mama said you smell your ass once you think you grown 

Same way to die different couner 

Cause our bullshit culture we no longer own 

Who plants the thoughts in your head cause they not your own

Who taught you to hate yourself?

Hand me the belt or the Gun massa

So I can “Handle” his black ass myself 

Does the Devil’s work 

Yet somehow believe we gon be saved by the man who watched slavery happen and his church 

Truth too deep 

It only hurts bad cause the mind is weak

Conrona virus the Scare of the week

Just the way the Oppessor likes his prey

Defenseless Uncertain and Meek 

The world’s been “ending” for forever 

Now you tryna convenience me the end is at its Peek??

How’s that even a possibility?

Just a tired ass generation that outright 

Refuses to admit blame or accept responsibility 

Oh Yes we love Scapegoats 

We need the Opposite of Obama 

AKA some real hope 

We bought his “cracked” promises 

Cause his swag was dope 

egregiously Painful

Love MLK but vote for  Jim Crow Joe

Disrespectful Niggas

Please don’t mention the King’s name no moe 

Like Farrakhan told Wallace you should 

Just be quiet 

The best salads are served on Google and the Library 

The Whole Culture needs a fuckin Diet

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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