Poetry Corner: Answer Your Own Question

It’s time to come up

Elevate the conscious

Wait till  you see what’s beyond this

How can you miss if you don’t shoot?

You guaranteed to miss if this message if it don’t compute

What you focus on grows

Out from the mind power inside is divine

It’s yours to own

Who’s to capture the throne

In a whole nother Zone as I unload this metal Chrome

Be sure to grab enough of a piece to leave behind in case

you go deceased

In the end it’s not who


Your enemy or friend

But rather what to this world did

Your spirit have to lend?

What will your legacy be?

Where did your words and your achievements meet?

Not too much abstract but more concrete

Did the mental telepathy ever increase the peace?

Time to go to war  the devil just grabbed his piece!

God’s not here to police

But Him  in you is how you increase

Maintain the capital G so Over the Horizon you may see

Who did I really come here to be?

Answer your own question

So you can calculate and appreciate many blessings

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