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Poetry Corner: America Killed My Brother

America killed my brother,

No matter if we shoot each other,

Or disrespect one another.

This Country kill  my kin,

Much more important than friends.

They took a piece of my mother tonight and she’s forever tormented with reminders.

Cause we look alike.

They call me crazy nigga,

As  they praise the killers.

They call me stupid confused,

While forgetting who the victim was related to.

They got a natural inclination to tell us how to feel and what to do.

They tell us to leave this great nation,

But the destination they will follow us to.

They can never vacation from the same Niggas they enslaved and made build a Nation.

Before the disrespect of Omarosa,

Always remember they bombed niggas out of Tulsa.

We can’t build shit,

New dance come out they stealing it.

We need justice NOW,

But they ain’t hearing it.

They took us in for weed,

But now they dealin it

Where the end?

For generations I’m told I’m nearing it.

Our manhood is castrated so they’re not fearing it.

Encapsulated in this message is tough times ahead

All the while he wraps his mind around his brother being dead.


  • admin

  • Sergio Wilson

    Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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