A sin sick soul pierced with uncontrollable guilt, which pleads a case that I am not mistake free.

Born to win but beginning to lose because early confusion lead to a transfusion of early dependency of street success, which you can write a documentary called, Breaking the law at its best.

So am I dead or alive? Buried alive burning deep down inside failing to realize what’s inside of me holds me.

In certain situations my life has been like the ‘S’ without the apostrophe. It’s missing its meaning.

Unknown in my own causing my own collision course because of my own understanding is not understood from its full meaning with SELF!!!

Secure and ambitious but unworthy of my own transition!

Desiring the wrong things, a dependent life which lives on money being made from a hustle game but suddenly slowed by a change of pace in life!!!

Some say I’m out of line. But I say I’m out of character.

It’s self which builds myself and makes myself self-proficient.

Connecting each issue to its peak point, which some do not reach because they were not foolish enough to keep committing the same mistakes!!

Finally feeling reality dripping down my back, but I cannot catch it now because I chose to look away and not take hold of what I had because what I had was misunderstood in all aspects!!

A past which improved me, but sometimes bullied me, trapped me and just got the best of me,

Only to provide a road to my present state to evolve into my future; so in short terms my past presents my future!

You say you have a problem with me,

Well I do not have a problem with you because in my mind you do not matter because it’s only a matter of time and I do not have enough matter in my mind to worry about the two of us!

I must rudely interrupt this brief understanding to confess that I PIMP,

Yes I pimp not only for my own success but for those that are not my own.

I proceed to PIMP because I can relieve all anxiety from me and pose it on you,

Because of what you have I need.

SO YES I PIMP- Preach In My Poemsbecause I understand it like a chain reaction or a domino theory because when you come near me you will feel my fiery of words which I preserve to hold onto until I get time to write a couple lines which in due time present PIMPIN at its best!

I grieve to achieve success which is in deep relationship with people and places which I look into for guidance.

But am I wrong?

Which makes you right if I am but really I would say I’m misunderstood in my transitions and speech,

But I pause and realize, the only misunderstanding was of my own because I never found out how to utilize my strengths to positive components which can contribute to the making of SELF!!!!

Soon I find myself touched without harm but only left indeed with my own understanding because I can only understand SELF to understand another!!

Howard Lee III aka The Motivational Poet. He graduated from The University of Dubuque with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and a Master's of Business Administration. He is a Master Spoken Word Artist, Published Author, Youth Empowerment Champion, Community Relationship Pioneer, and an Exuberant Orator. He launched a dynamic Youth Empowerment platform that instructs poetry and business modeling concepts to promote entrepreneurship. StoryBook Enterprises consists of Poetry, Publishing and Radio.