Still rolling Pac and Shock G call me John Cena cause I’m too obvious but these punks still can’t see me

Gotta be strong gotta hold on 

Grab ya gun but don’t don’t forget the Bible cause until the end of time just might not be that long

COVID-19 Got me asking God what does life even mean

 Used to trust fully in the Lord 

The virus righteous done exposed most people’s lack of Faith esteem 

Wishing I could wake tomorrow and call 2020 one sick ass dream

Police killing people literally everywhere yet we still murk each other cause these Niggas don’t care

Black Lives Matter but only on a blue night 

When a Black causes an outage that gay rights ass origination is outta sight.

When can I be independent?

When do I get to be me?

Just celebrated Juneteenth 

But that’s right Don’t forget that mask Cause my nigga you still ain’t free

Lost 3 friends this year and it wasn’t from no fuckin’ disease,

Yet that was the topic that brought the sheep to they knees.

The emaciated emancipation was nothing more than paper and pen masterbation 

Trump Biden or Kanye is exactly how you spell Fuck the Nation.

Hell is the destination 

Either way we outta options and choices.

The elite want a One World Government to take our rights slowly, and to ultimately extinguish our voices.

So as for 2020 y’all can decide.

As for me I’ll be holding on to my nutz, my rights and Black Pride.

They call you crazy if you ask questions,

 Yet they constantly spitballing the news with straight lies and so many guesses.

You want the answer but how if you don’t ask why?

Grew up with many church goers talking bout Heaven, but this year they all of a sudden afraid to die

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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