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Our National Influence for Our People

Look at the World and see how much we influence EVERYTHING. We see how each nation of people uses us or promotes things to us because they see we “like” it. If we take that same influence and use it to take care of ourselves, families, build our communities we would truly transform our situation. I will tell u also in order to do some of this it will cost us or life. It’s worth it though if we are building.


  • Howard Lee III

    Howard Lee III is a Published Author, Entrepreneur, Youth Empowerment Champion, Community Relationship Pioneer, and a Creative Arts Specialist who has improved the living conditions of hundreds of families and youth. He is a spoken word artist and created an empowerment platform to teach the art of poetry called: StoryBook Xtreme at Howard has written 5 Op-Ed articles for the Telegraph Herald newspaper surrounding the topic: community relationships, youth empowerment and community activism.

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