No Role Modelz

(l to r) Franz Drameh as Dennis, Leeon Jones as Jerome, John Boyega as Moses, Alex Esmail as Pest and Simon Howard as Biggz in Screen Gems' ATTACK THE BLOCK.
All this intelligence and resilience sculpted from strain, struggle, and pain.
We see strippers who missed a father now looking for a man to grip her and tip her.
Drug boys and gangbangers no guidance to show them it’s more to being a man than street shit.
Don’t down play the generation because everyday we lit rather smoke a couple dutchs and pop some bottlez.
I’m a young black man from Camden streets I had allot of statistics to beat, I refuse to take my seat and rest on prison sheets.
I looked around and saw no one to follow be humble have respect millennials we have No Role Modelz!

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