Nine-Year-Old Creates B-MOORE-U Publishing to Inspire Other Youth to Read More

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Bailey C. Moore, founder of B-MOORE-U Publishing, is a nine-year old from Houston, Texas. Like most young boys, Bailey enjoys spending time with his friends, along with playing football, video games and, of course, reading and writing. At a young age, Bailey’s mother introduced him to books and his grandfather introduced him to writing which began his love for both. Bailey decided he wanted to write a children’s book after watching his mother put up a vision board of her goals for the 2017 year. He decided he wanted to work towards his goals as well. At the top on his list was to become an author. Bailey maintains a straight A grade point average while playing football with the South Side Cowboys and running track with The Houston Pace Setters. Bailey gives thanks to the many influential people in his life who have made his dream come true.

He thanks his uncles, Patrick Wiltz, Jerald Robins and Marc Boone. They showed him how to respect himself and others and to focus on being a better person. His mother, Qiana Moore, taught him about respect. Also he thanks Coach D, Coach Ben, Coach Trae and Coach Jerald for showing him how to respect his teammates on and off the football field. In addition he gives  special thanks to Coach Kevin and Coach Ken. Last but not least, he thanks his aunts: Lynn, Stacy, Tracy, Tamara and Dominick for supporting him, as well as, MehaffyWeber P.C.

I recently had the chance to catch up with the young B-Moore-Publishing mogul. Check out the interview below. 

Can you please tell myself and the readers about yourself? 

My name is Bailey Moore and I’m 10 years old. I am from Houston, Texas. I am the author of the book “Mr. Archie is Missing.”  I love to play football.

Who were and still are some of your inspirations?

While writing my book, my inspirations were my mom and my grandfather. They both inspired me read and write. Another inspiration was my school counselor Mr. Fleming. who the books character Mr. Archie is based on.

What influenced you to become a writer?

My grandfather influenced me to write. He used to be my pen pal and would write me weekly letters from California to keep up with my activities and life in Houston.

What message, feeling or perception do you want your book to give?

My message in my book is about respect.  Never trade respect for attention.

What age did you know and decide that you were going to be an author?

I have been writing stories since I was 7 years old. But I told my mother I wanted to write a book last year when I was 9 years old.

Are you working on any new upcoming projects?

Yes, the character in the book Jerry is based on my life, so I have a lot of stories. I have an awesome illustrator who brings my book to life. He is from Houston too. His name is Craig Carter.

Is it hard balancing your new career, school and athletics?

Sometimes it is hard to balance being an author going to school and plating football but my mom makes sure I get a break. 

Any words of wisdom you can offer to other youth?

I would say believe in yourself and go after your goals.

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