Nigerian Millennial Activist Ignites Campaign to Fight Against Autocratic Leadership

Reacting to Buhari’s recorded speech is a waste of time. Instead, we should quietly join a formidable force to teach him a reason his family and rest of the world will live to remember until eternity. Not necessarily to reply aggressively each time trying to make your grievance known without drastic measures when dealing with baboon who is impaired, barely can see, ear or speak reasonably as Head of State, especially in this era of democratic dispensation enjoyed by many countries, which gives certain privilege to people.

Our problem is a lack of commitment, weakness and selfishness. Sadly, none of the elites are interested in things that matter or contributed immensely in life’s of common man at the grass root level in various communities in order to lessen pain the plight of underprivileged, who has never had access to basic amenities or interested in inculcating spirit of oneness. only appears convincingly each time but not close to your own people. Just want to be notice alongside freedom fighters or opportunity to build followers for hidden political interest in the nearest future.

You can easily influence Government policy with a renowned pressure group like IPOB. only if your agitation is genuine: one United voice of people is more disastrous than individual media attack on a person, will encourage him to feel like an important personality. when you know the right thing to do, for him to acknowledge your potentials and give you credit for mission fairly accomplished.

Meanwhile, His type of Political ideology should not be over emphasized rather concentrate in building solidarity to motivate collective exertion by involving in legitimate procedure to put to end his crave for power. Also have a holistic view that constructive criticism is one of the essential ingredient but not enough as far as his autocratic style of leadership continues.

Mr. Buhari is a person not a group, or group of persons neither a community or made up of communities. So why do you find it difficult to act in line with the best international practice since you’ve realized we cannot continue to be incapacitated as dynamic entity in the midst of tabula rasa without engaging in vibrant gathering to abrogate the menace.

Even the blind are aware that action speaks louder than voice and a person with purpose can constitute majority. It is obvious that our leaders has refused to repent, yet we continue to be hopeful and not tired of expecting transformation for decades, because justice delayed is justice denied and the truth can never be scrape.

Below are questions to be answered by any well meaning Nigerian.

What is the name of the country whose President spent more than 90 days in a foreign country, spending billions of money on an undisclosed sickness with the tax payers money?

Mention one Pronounced reason why President Buhari ran away from his Presidential office in Aso Rock after 12 years of relentless struggle to achieve his life time ambition?

In which country of the world do we have the most docile, imbecilic, cowardly and easy to manipulate citizens?

What is the name of a country that has medical Doctors, who cannot examine the health status of their sick President to ascertain his physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social disposition and capacity to function as President?

In which country of the world can you see cows and goats moving about and disrupting traffic in major urban cities; chasing school children out of their classrooms during learning periods?

How best can you describe a country that has quantum of oil resources and abundance of gas and the best coal in the world, yet cannot provide electricity to the people for domestic and industrial necessities?

Finally, Killing of IPOB members, is at your own detriment, indirectly paving way for the emancipation of sovereign state of Biafra. any IPOB that dies at the course of this struggle is a hero. To have fought for what you believe in, is worth dying for. not eliminating lives out of strong aversion.

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