The above song by old school legend, Freddie Jackson, should be everyone’s motto when following the steps to love. Love is something that isn’t forced and that flows naturally, if you want things to last.

This is easier said than done for most, but trust, from someone who is currently living it, it actually gets easier with patience, time and knowing your friend. Yes, I said friend because that is where it all starts. If you guys are able to be friends first, despite how much you want each other, then the relationship, once you are both ready to take it to that next level, will be well worth the wait. But yes, it is hard at first but it gets easier once you learn each other and it is okay to go backwards” more on that later.

I’m so glad we took the time
To look into each other’s mind
We didn’t grow too far too fast
And now we know each other well

The things that only time can tell
We’ve got a love that’s gonna last

‘Cause we were friends
Before we were lovers

And isn’t that the way it should be, uh-huh
Baby, don’t change a single thing

Let’s take it nice and slow, steady as we go
From now on it’s gonna be smooth, smooth sailing
Nice and slow, let it flow
And hold on tight to love

So much we have to overcome
And it looked like love was on the run
But we held on, our heads we clear

{We held on to the feelin’}

And then just like a flash of light
We knew that the time was right {Time was right}

We made our move and love was there

Those lyrics above are everything. Let’s evaluate the first part where he says, “I’m so glad we took the time, To look into each other’s mind, We didn’t grow too far too fast…” When I hear those words, it tells me that he wasn’t afraid to hit pause on things. This is what I was talking about when I said it’s okay to “go backwards” because in a sense it may seem like it at first or it may seem like a “stop” all together, but with time and reflection you are soon able to see what God sees and has already planned out.

Sometimes when we meet someone, we can get caught up in the moment. This person is all that we have ever hoped for and/or is different from what we’ve been used to. You know they’re different because of how they make you feel. However, out of all the good and fun times, things can become intense too fast which is when things have to come to a halt so that both parties can sort things out. The line, “So much we have to overcome, and it looked like love was on the run,” coincides with this perfectly.

With guy that I had started dating around this time last year, we immediately just clicked, and somewhere down the line feelings and emotions started to get intense which is why we had to take a pause in December 2018. Around mid-January 2019, we started to get that friendship back and there was an easiness about it. Things started feeling natural again. So, believe me, things do get easier.

In the last line, “And then just like a flash of light, We knew that the time was right,” is stating how without you having to think about it, things just happen. That relationship just happens. So whatever stage you may be in, don’t stress about it. Just take it, “Nice N’ Slow and let it flow.”

Bonman, Naomi

Naomi K. Bonman is the founder and editorial director of Purposely Awakened, a digital media agency for millennial activist and change agents of color. A digital media maven at heart, Naomi is also a journalist, screenwriter and digital content creator. Originally from Southern California, Naomi received her B.A. in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism from Clark Atlanta University and her Masters of Public Administration from Keller School of Management of DeVry University.

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