New Series Explores Black Love Via a Queer, Poly Lens

BPM congratulates former BPC 360 fellow Chanelle Aponte Pearson (left, in photo with writer Rae Leone Allen) for the successful launch of her new web series, 195 Lewis, which premiered Thursday, November 16 online. The dramatic comedy series offers a fresh take on what it’s like to be queer, Black and polyamorous in 21st century New York City. The inaugural season features five episodes.

195 Lewis centers around the drama that ensues after a queer couple decides to open their relationship. Though she immediately loved the concept, Pearson initially turned down the opportunity to direct it because she felt she wasn’t ready to take on something so ambitious. But creators Rae Leone Allen and Yaani Supreme—who based the series on their own experiences of queer poly living in the Bedford-Styvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn—persisted. Eventually, they persuaded Pearson to go for it.

“I had never directed before, but I’ve had ideas for some short films, so it just made sense,” Pearson was quoted as saying in a recent “Got a Girl Crush” post by blogger Lauren Murray. Pearson especially appreciates the opportunity to make the series available over the internet. “The web continues to be an incredible space and platform to get content out there.”

Visit the 195 Lewis website for a list of in-person screenings or to watch the series online.

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