New Comedy-Drama Film ‘Dating & Waiting’ In the Works

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With the recent news of Ciara and current beau Russell Wilson choosing to remain abstinence until marriage more young millennials have also chosen to take that path. Like Ci and Russ, they have many supporters and doubters. People begin to doubt because they deem it as impossible for them, so they can’t bear to believe that anyone else can abstain for sex. This is what lead Yes! Show producer and host, LaCora Stephens, co-wrote Dating & Waiting The Movie.

We all love a good film, one that makes you laugh, smile, cry and dream, so I decided to make one! Along with two amazing producers, I am going to shake the church walls! Wake ’em up, make ’em think…about SEX! That’s right I said it. It’s all around us in media, greets us everyday and some of us dabble in it…don’t be shy!  What we’re missing from sex, is the puzzle piece tucked away in the sofa, small but important.  To find out more, watch the video, read below and see how we put a twist on…sex,” stated Stephens.

Dating and Waiting takes you on a hilarious journey following two polar opposite sisters, Geneva and Chastity, who decide to take the road less traveled: abstinence. Check out the creators of the film below to get more insight about the film, then click here to donate to see it come to life.

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