Never Loose Your Head Over ‘A Little Bit of Tail’

As women we are bombarded by how we “think” we should conduct ourselves by what’s portrayed in the media. The media has portrayed, Black women in particular, to as promiscuous and loud individuals with little to no class. This misjudgment often clouds ones thinking and alters decisions that lead to life mistakes.

I recently interviewed the author of ‘A Little Bit of Tail’. Miss Cherry wanted to make a difference in the lives of woman, so she decided to put together a format where young ladies cannot only relate to what is going on through the pages of the book, but also learn as well. She wants other women to know that it is okay to make mistakes because we all do, but we have to learn from them and be able to move forward. Our mistakes should not hinder us, but they should give us that extra boost and strength to move on.

‘A Little Bit of Tale’ is a fast paced, page turning novel about what happens when love clouds judgments, alters decisions and leaves you hanging out to dry on a limb by your lonesome. Throughout the book the reader will witness powerful story-lines that combines real life stories of the most humiliating and embarrassing mistakes women have made in love. It is full of secrets they would rather take to the grave out of shame and fear of being judged. The book is a tool to expose actual heartaches by giving women the chance to learn from other women’s mistakes in love so they do not make all the mistakes by themselves. The moral of the story is to never lose your head over ‘A Little Bit of Tail’.

What moved you to write the A Little Bit of Tale?

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the lives of women. So I decided to put everything that I knew in a format that they could relate to and learn from.

What did you learn about yourself while writing the book?

I have seen and done a lot. While writing this book it opened up a new world to me and I have learned that I have a voice to make a positive impact in the lives of women.

What is or are some of the things that you want other young women to take from the book?

To know that it’s okay to make mistakes, but that they have to learn from them and make wiser choices. Don’t let yourself stay down; continue to move forward. Also there is much more to life than your body. Stay strong and be courageous!

What’s next? Is there another book on the way or are you planning any book signings? 

I am in the process of writing part II of the book which should be released sometime in October (2014). Other than that I just want to continue to be a role model for other women and to do whatever God has in store for me.

Could you see turning your book into a movie? If so, who would you want to star in it? 

That’s a good question! Let’s see, there’s for main characters in the book. For Mina it would be Jennifer Lopez, for Jasmine it would be Taraji B. Henson, for Chaundra it would be Tia Mowry-Hardrict and to play Rich it would be Mos Def.

What’s your advice for other authors as far as marketing their book?  

Start early, be creative and think outside of the box. Target your audience by where they hang out, what they do and what their interests are. Believe in God and allow him to lead you to the sky because the sky is the limit.

What else should we know about you or your book?  

When it comes to the book I need readers to know that it is composed of real life situations from real people who experienced some hard lessons when it came to love. I want women to be able to read the devastating mistakes that could have avoided a lot of heartache and pain so that they don’t have to take the same road of destruction when it comes to loving someone.

For example, if you’re dating a man who sits in the house more than the furniture, it’s time for an upgrade. You need a man who values you and knows that you’re worth working hard for, but first you have to value yourself and know that you deserve to be provided for. If you’re a single woman who’s just meeting and beginning to date a man, if you know nothing else about him know his license plate number and give it to someone you love and trust who you know has your best interest at hand. If you’ve been dating someone who’s house you’ve never been to, and who’s friends you’ve never met…he should not know your address and please don’t give him a key. This book is designed to make sure women know better so that they can do better.

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