Negativity in Cartoons?

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What is the extent of negativity in cartoon shows that are shown on television these days? Do some people take the jokes too far or do writers push the issue of race, religion, sex, politics or stereotypes? Many of us watch animated cartoon shows whether it’s the Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, or The Boondocks, and we all know that sometimes that the writers can push the button of the issue one too many times. Could the issues or topics be truly considered negative since these are just cartoons, or is it just some people are being too sensitive or not open minded enough, when the issue is at hand they believe it relates to them and is being joked about on these animated shows.

Family Guy once started off one of its shows where they were walking in a museum and they came to a sign that read “Lost City of New Orleans.” Chris asked Peter was there a city called New Orleans Peter replied, “Nobody really knows.” Now in the scene it shows a street in New Orleans called Bourbon Street flooded underwater with skeletons floating around with one skeleton holding a video camera, and another skeleton holding a sign that read “Girls Gone Wild.” Now some would have looked at this as taking something that affected thousands of people not funny, but to me and several other avid fans of the show found it humorous.

We should all take the jokes on these animated shows for what they are “Jokes,” because they help lighten up everyday reality.

What is the difference between the jokes that friends share amongst each other to the ones that are being shared on these shows? If you ask me there is not a difference just that some people have a sensitivity problem with stereotypes being said in a cartoonish way, and being laughed at by other people. We can find it funny when a standup comedian jokes about it on their standup comedy show special so what’s the difference of those jokes being mentioned on cartoons? We must realize that everything in life should not be taken serious especially what is shown on cartoon shows because they are intended for us to laugh them whether they touch on race, stereotypes, and religion to natural disasters just laugh at them for the thirty minutes that they are on. If you can’t do that, then simply grab the remote that came with your HDTV change the channel and watch one of those reality TV shows like the Bad Girls Club or House Wives of Atlanta. I’m sure there is no negativity shown on those shows’.

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