Music Spotlight: Nick Nittoli

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Nick Nittoli is an independent artist signed under Warner Chappell Music. He has written and produced for big names, which include Snoop Dogg, French Montana, YG, Neon Hitch and Bianca Ryan.

Recently, Nick has ventured out of producing for other artists and has released his own project. I recently interviewed Mr. Nittoli where discussed more on his project, goals and inspirations in the music industry.

What inspired you to get into music?

I was inspired by music because that’s really all we had in my house growing up. My grandparents wrote a song called, “Here’s to the Band” by Frank Sinatra and were adamant that I learn to play guitar and shape my talent into musicianship. So, I play guitar, drums, bass, keyboard/piano etc., some what decently. They used to play in a group called The Duprees and would cover old 50s songs. I would be a baby in the stands watching them, and that was a huge inspiration.

Who are some your musical influences?

Michael Jackson. I honestly am mainly inspired by Michael, to the point that my first words were actually, “Annie are you ok” because I was brainwashed by “Moonwalker”, a 1988 film that starred Michael Jackson and Joe Pesci. I even have the Moonwalker logo tatted on my upper right arm.

You recently released your own project. Can you elaborate on that?

Yes! Bump Into Genius/Warner Chappell have signed me to a deal and in the time I have been writing and producing for other artists. I put together an artist project that has just been released in 2019. I have so far released 5 songs, and on 9.01.19 I will be dropping “Someone” which will be my 6th single.

Where do you see yourself within the next year to two years?

I signed a 5 year deal with New Heights Ent., in the summer of 2018, so in two years I see myself signed to the same company and continuing to “outwork my talent”.

You worked with some big names. Is there anyone else who you’d love to work with?

Working with big names is cool, and fun; however, you get a raw organic feel from working with the unknown artists, or at least close to unknown cats. Just a different hunger in their music than someone who can literally end the session at any point to go back to their mansion and relax and play their hits back etc. Just being real. 

What have been some pros and cons of being an independent artist and being in the music industry?

Before signing my deal I was not really putting out any of my own original music, I was focused more on helping artists, from producing their records to writing them, and secretly getting better. I watched and learned from some great artists, and I slowly gained knowledge of their triumphs and tribulations and then began using it as power towards by own artist career. 

What advice do you have for other rising artists, producers and/or managers?

My advice to the upcoming artist would be to keep being just that. An upcoming artist. Meaning that you never stop coming up. For instance, when I got on Youtube, I didn’t have any views/reactions or subscribers. I was brand new. So I spent time everyday to enhance my results, by sharing my own videos and hustling and working very hard, and now I am a very popular name on Youtube.

So, my point is that people, even at my level still have to put in the work, and grind every day to stay relevant, and you could never go wrong by being the hardest worker in the room no matter how successful you are. 

What motivates you to keep going?

I will watch a movie, like 2pac Resurrection, or Moonwalker, and just see a real artist in their moment and put aside my obvious jealousy for a moment and just admire them. Let it hit home, and the next day I’m a whole new man. I may be Michael for a day, or Lennon for an afternoon. Then, that will transcribe back to me and I will write or produce something I am proud of. 

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