Music Mondays: Zayah Maree

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Zayah Maree is a 25-year-old female emcee (rap artist) and a model. She is currently living in Dallas, Texas but was raised in California. She was raised by a single mother and is the youngest of four. She has three older sisters. Throughout her life she went though bouts of depression but overcame it by modeling. When she isn’t modeling she likes to stay active, which relives the stress that life brings. 

“Modeling helped me vope with my hardships,” Zayah explained. “It taught me to love myself more.”

I recently had the oppotunity to interview this rising model and rapper. Check out the interview below:

Growing up and still till this day who inspires you?

Growing up I really liked Ciara. She showed her beauty through dancing and her music. She expressed her feelings through her music the way I want to. She reminds me of myself because we’re both skinny and were both talented. The things she did and accomplished make me feel like I can do the same and be successful at it.

You’re a modern day entrepreneur, musician, model and actor. What influenced these careers?

Growing up I felt like I was destined to be something big. I always wanted to sing when I was little and everybody told me that I couldn’t do it and I wouldn’t make it. That made me strive harder to prove them wrong. I modeled when I was 15 and I really liked it because I could express myself through my photos. It made me feel like everything didn’t matter and that I could do and be who or whatever I wanted to be. My acting came when I was doing all of this and I felt like a star and people should know who I am.

How many photo shoots have you participated in your young career?

I honestly couldn’t tell you an exact number of how many photo shoots I’ve been in. I’ve had so many of them; its hard to keep up.

How many songs have you written and performed?

I’ve written about 12 songs so far and I’m continuing to write more. I haven’t gone as far as to perform yet, but thats because I want to make sure that I have the right amount of material and everything is ready for that time.

What acting gigs have you had so far?

As of right now, I am currently waiting for a call back for a show that contacted me for a new show coming to Fox.

Which of the three are you more passionate about and why?

Music is by far my biggest passion because I can express exactly how I feel without misleading anybody as to what I’m thinking or doing. It makes me feel like I’m a star. I also want to touch people with my stories about what I’ve been through and I want to help them through a situation that I may have already been through. I feel like people can know me for who I really am because they can hear me express myself.

Can you list your previous projects done?

As of right now I am just getting started so my accomplishments are soon to come. 

What are some up and coming projects we should look forward to from you?

Music videos is going to be the first thing you’re going to see. I am planning on dropping a mixtape or maybe an album as soon as possible. I’m also trying to get everything together so I can go on tour. If all goes well you will see me on TV as well.

Any words of wisdom you would like to share with fellow millennials?

Stay focused and don’t let anybody or anything stand in your way of doing what you want to do. Nothing is too hard if you put your mind to it and put your plans into action. Surround yourself around positive people and environments. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do it or you can’t handle it. You have to believe in yourself because you are your biggest fan. It doesn’t matter what people say because at the end of the day all the haters are going to bring more attention to you and that puts money in your pockets.

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