Music Mondays: Hip Hop Artist, JReal Da Realest, Shares Testimony of Pain, Struggle, Redemption Through Music

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Los Angeles native, JReal Da Realest, is just a man raised with humble beginnings. He came from humble beginnings until unfortunate incidents and behavioral issues cast him into group homes in placement until his emancipation from California’s child protective services.

During that time gang affiliation and a knack for trouble cost him three bullet wounds. Being a proprietor of the streets, he is left with nothing but the pain and the pen which led him to begin his journey in music. 

JReal Da Realest performing with his oldest son at Juneteenth 2017 in San Bernardino at San Bernardino Valley College. (Photo Credit: Naomi K. Bonman)

Growing up and still to this day who were and are your inspirations?

My inspiration came from strong men that were around me, hard working man logical thinking men that did what was necessary to ensure the survival of their community and through those individuals I learned of concrete influences such as Dr. Clarke, Dr. Ben, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, etc. I think this gave way to musical inspiration as such as Big L , Pac, MC Lyte, Nas, Lauryn Hill and a lot of other individuals that this generation probably has no idea of (laughs).

What influenced you to become a Hip Hop artist and rapper?

I started out writing poetry with individuals like Taalam Acey in my ear at a young age due to a conscious uncle and I think I just evolved with the time. R&B was King. R&B groups were the standard of music in the 90s. Hip Hop was very much alive but groups like Boyz II Men, K-C and JoJo, etc. had it. So, in essence the poetry became the rhyme and I grew up as Hip Hop did.

Can you tell us your previous projects and a little about each one?

My most recent project to date is entitled, “Good Lord” featuring Chase Aaron. We are currently streaming at over a 100,000 on Spotify and gradually moving up. I must say the reaction of this single from the fans is humbling, but well appreciated.

Other recent projects include: “Babysitters” featuring Schoolboy Q, “Warning” featuring Omar Gooding produced by Focus (associate aftermath producer), “Underrated” featuring San Diego Veteran Mitchy Slick and “Realest in The Game” featuring, well the most featured artist in the game, Kokane originally of Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records and now Founder of BudEBoy entertainment.

Each one of these projects are in their own lane with specialties only the future could have brought. I advise everyone to go check them out.

What current and future projects are you working on we can look forward to supporting?

Coming off of 100,000 streams and 100,000 views on my last video, we set forth in 2018 with a three-part visual project that will encompass JReal Da Realest in (to put it in today’s phrase) “TraP” entitled “#QUOTA” this is definitely something to look forward to the visual definition will be something never seen in film The Way We are planning to project this project to the people is amazing! how you ask? You’ll have to wait and see.

Are you an independent artist self-promoting like other greats such as Master P?

Yes, possibly in the future that might change but as of right now I am personally owned and operated by yours truly (laughs)

Any words of wisdom you can offer fellow millennials on hustle?

Consistency is key and a strong belief that you will accomplish your goal. Don’t let things deter you and always focus on the big picture.

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