From Music Mogul to Top Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur: Meet Jarret Ballard

As a Journalist, I get to do many exciting interviews and meet tons of people. There are some people who you’ll interview, and it will be just that an interview, but then there are those in a ‘select’ bunch that you just stay connected with and you watch their progress and growth over time. 

In 2011, I interviewed an up and coming boy band out of Chicago, Illinois  but at the time had relocated to Los Angeles, California. Real Estate Agent, Jarret Ballard was apart of that group. So to watch his journey from there to where he is now is definitely inspiring and I know others will be blessed upon hearing his story on how he got started in the music business and how it prepared him in his current career as an entrepreneur in Real Estate and Finance. Ballard is on a mission in building wealth not only for himself, but in helping others, especially other minorities and millennials to build wealth as well. 

Check out and listen to the interview above and make sure to grab a pen and paper because I’m sure you will definitely want to take notes to the advice that he is about to give you. 


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