Music Exclusive: Country Star Billy Gilman

How can young people cope with bullying and finding themselves? Is it okay to not follow the trends and be what everyone wants you to be? I sat down with my long time friend and first crush, country star Billy Gilman, whose been taking the world by storm lately. He discussed with me the pressures of growing up and finding oneself.

Did you find becoming a singer/celeb boosted your self-confidence?

There’s nothing like being on a stage. That is the best confidence booster. There are situations where you need your own self confidence to pull you through though. It’s 50/50

Before coming to where you are at now in your life, do you feel that you were different in any way? (i.e. more shy, etc.)

I have always just been as honest and real as I possibly can. I have always been outgoing so in an industry like this one that’s a plus I think.

Were you bullied at all growing up? Has it affected you in any way now that you’re an adult (negative or positive)?

Being in the music industry and in front of people you are always up for judgement. Going back to the confidence thing, you have to be confident in yourself and that always shines.

Is it hard to find friends, love interests, etc. that accept you for you?

Sometimes, but fortunately, my friend circle has always been there since before any career and that is important, I think. Surround yourself with people who love you for you.

Do you find it hard to not conform to social standards and ideals that are considered “cool” right now?

I think what’s cool one minute may not be cool in ten minutes from now. The world moves very fast. I always try to sing the best song I can write or find. Staying true to yourself last longer than any fad.

Do you feel that young people trying to chase their dreams like you did is possible nowadays or a lot tougher?

I think it’s both easy and tough. It’s easy with the outlets like SoundCloud or Youtube. You are instantly out there. It’s just a little fish in a big pond sort of way. But if it’s your passion will stop at nothing to achieve what you want.

What advice would you give young people trying to chase their goals like you did?

Dare to dream. Be humble. Stay grateful and never settle for anything but 100 percent.

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