Brotha’s and Sistah’s it’s such a disgrace. They’re killing black and brown people and it’s right in our face. Justifying the unjustifiable, legalized genocide of black people is undeniable.

They kill us in the streets, silencing our heartbeats robbing us of our future potential, to them the damage done is inconsequential. The lives being taken are exponential.

Ten years does not suffice, this cop who took Botham”s life, he was eating a bowl of ice cream, just makes me want to scream. How are you not safe in your own home? They come up with all kinds of excuses to not leave us alone…these acts of murder the justice system condones.

Thirty miles away from Botham is where Atatiana stayed, their hatred of us could not be delayed. Playing video games with her nephew, competition was tight, didn’t even have a clue it would be her last night. A wellness call that turned deadly, a presence not announced, in less than five seconds, she’s dead was pronounced!

If the situation were reversed and WE were killing them, you better trust and believe, you’d never see us again. For even when evidence does not match the facts, they have all kinds of ways to get us back! Be vigilant and watchful, especially if you’re black, because truth be told my people, we’re under attack!