Mother Daughter Team Develop Cosmetic Line to Prevent Chapped Lips Among Women of Color

Entrepreneur Raquel Riley Thomas and her 14-year-old daughter Maria Raquel Thomas have both started cosmetic lines to bring solutions to problems women and girls have. Raquel, an Army Veteran and former Pageant Queen, is the founder of Raquel Riley Thomas Beauty.

Raquel’s brand focuses on the challenge of time. Many women do not have a lot of time to do make up. She has invented a concept called 3GL: Glamorous lips, glamorous Lashes, and Glamorous lids (eyeshadow). During this new normal, she has come up with products that help women still look glamorous well shortening the amount of time to get ready.

Her daughter, Maria Raquel Thomas is the founder of Maria Raquel Thomas
Beauty. Maria’s brand focuses on the challenge of brittle and chapped lips.
For years she had this challenge, herself, so the future scientist invented
an exfoliant to solve the problem. She also invented lip glosses to
coincide with the exfoliant to give young girls more confidence. The lip
glosses have names such as: unique, determination, beautiful etc.

To learn more about the duo, visit their websites:

Raquel’s website: | Instagram

Maria’s website: | Instagram


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