Money Follows Value

Money follows value. It is actually a product of value. The reason why a lot of people seem to not be able to make it is because they don’t always think about if what they are trying to do provides a value.

They start of thinking, “How can I make money?”, rather than thinking, “How can I provide value?” People can only trade you cash if you are providing value to them.

So instead of thinking about ways to make cash, think about how you can provide value to people. How can you provide a service that people can deem valuable enough to pay you for it?

Even if you are already doing business, it is time for you to scale back and reevaluate and ask yourself if your business is providing value and service.

Ultimately, revenue will only come to you as an exchange for value. Provide value to people and they will pay you for it.


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  • Muna, born and raised in Nigeria, moved to the United States as an adult. She loves life, truth, justice, harmony and balance. She is a Life Transformation Strategist who passionate about empowering people and helping them transform into their magnificent true selves.

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