Millennial Mother, HBCU Graduate, and Teacher Releases Socially Conscious Literary Brand, ‘One Look One Book’

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Millennial entrepreneur and Howard University alumni, Ayana Singhateh, recently released her literary brand, One Look One Book, where she produces clean, simple and high-quality products. 

“Our goals are simple,” Singhateh explains. “Be Proud, Stay Humble, Be Conscious, Stay Woke, Buy Black and Give Back.”

The Howard graduate currently resides Silver Spring, Maryland where she works full-time, teaches online part-time, and cares for her four-year-old daughter. This young mother stays busy, but is very ambitious, motivated, and cares about the needs of the inner city.

In addition to creating the One Look One Book brand, she also published two children books which are available on Amazon. Singhateh also has a music mix podcast on iTunes. I recently interviewed her where she chatted on her goals, aspirations, and reasoning for launching her company. 

What is One Look One Book?

One Look One Book is a socially responsible t-shirt brand helping black communities unite. The brand bridges simple fashion and style with social responsible efforts. For example, every t-shirt purchased helps us to donate books to needy communities.

Why was the brand created?

One Look One Book was created from an urge to empower and give back to the Black community. Marcus Garvey and Assata Shakur were huge inspirations in my decision to create simple and stylish t-shirts that give consumers the option to wear something that means something. 

Your first collection of the brand is called, “Squad Goals”, why did you name it that?

At the height of racial tension in the U.S., I developed a strong desire to connect and build with a tribe and or squad of likeminded (culturally and racially aware) individuals. I named the first collection squad goals; because these six pillars ‘Stay Woke, Stay Humble, Be Conscious, Be Proud, Buy Black, Give Back” are what I look for when networking to help and build the beautiful mosaic that is the African Diaspora. 

You stay busy, but you are still quite successful. What is your suggestion to other millennial on how to succeed in their ambitions while working and/or going to school?

My overall suggestion is simple – where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you believe in yourself then you will have the power to overcome obstacles to successfully realize your entrepreneurship effort.

How has this journey been for you?

I am true introvert, so this journey has taken me out of my comfort zone and I have had the opportunity to increase my network of likeminded individuals and take a step back to be humble and give back. The positive feedback on the straightforward but simple aesthetic of the collection has encouraged me to continue to reach towards my entrepreneurial and community service goals. 

How are the proceeds from the brand distributed?

A portion from each t-shirt purchased is used to carefully source and purchase children books from Black authors. Book donations are distributed on a quarterly basis through partnerships with local nonprofits in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia communities. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ayana at

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