#MeToo: My Story

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By Lizet Angulo-Kimbrew

It’s time for me to share my story: It happened three times that my ex-husband abused me. Twice while we were still married and once after we separated. During that time I was working for a General Surgeon, he noticed I was different and saw a bruise (second time). He explained to me that it was not my fault and no man should ever berate or hit a woman. Then, that weekend, during the sermon the Pastor talked about how a man should treat his wife as a temple of God. No abuse was acceptable, I then felt strong and left him. 

A few weeks went by and he walked into my mother’s house. A friend of mine and her daughter were visiting me, my son and her daughter were in the back yard in the spa playing. He began yelling and dragged me out as I tried to fight back. My neighbor called the police immediately. My neighbor across the street, Marine Veteran and retired police officer came to help me. He had to pull out a weapon on him as my ex-husband pushed me in the cab of the truck. I tried to climb over to the other side, but he kept hitting my thighs with his fist and pulling me back to him. The police (4 cars) got there and pulled out their weapons because of my neighbor.

I can’t remember what they said, but one officer pulled me out of the truck from the other side. As the police were talking to my neighbor across the street about what happened, my friend had kept the kids in the back yard playing and put the TV on with high volume. While I was speaking with officers, my ex-husband kept threatening me how he was going to get me again and bury me in the mountains. Needless to say, he went to prison and I had not seen him since.

That was over 33 years ago and I still have nightmares. Throughout those years, I’ve learned how to box and understand no one deserves to be abused.

When I shared this with my husband, Basil, he was angry and it was difficult for him. We talk about it and his encouragement to continue to be a survivor is heartfelt. I’ve forgiven but I can’t yet forget…May God continue to give all abused victims strength and comfort!

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