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Menthol Milestone – The anniversary no one is celebrating

Coming of age in the 1970s, I can still vividly remember seeing Marvin Gaye at the Kool Jazz Festival at the Oakland Coliseum and thinking how wonderful it was that Kool cigarettes were supporting our artists. I was a teenager and didn't connect that Big Tobacco's sponsorships, product giveaways, and money were simply part of their master plan t…


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Menthol Milestone - The anniversary no one is celebrating
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Carol McGruder is Project Director of the African American Statewide Coordinating Center Ms. McGruder is a seasoned veteran of California's tobacco control experience and has served as an advisor in many capacities, most recently as a founding member and Co-Chairperson of the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council ( In 2017, the San Francisco National Association for the Advancement of Colored People honored Ms. McGruder for her community activism. She is a recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Award for community activism in tobacco control and in 2007 she was the American Legacy Foundation national honoree for "Community Activist of the Year."

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