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Muna Orlando



This is for all the men out there who are working hard to be better than their fathers were.

This is for the men who are broken, didn’t know how to be men and are struggling, but trying their hardest to be the best men they know to be. I want you to know that WE need you.

Women need you men because we cannot do this on our own. We cannot survive without you guys.

I want you to know that we respect you. We honor you. We applaud all your doing. We applaud all the progress you are making.

The world is changing; your role is changing, but I want you to know that we are not disregarding your place in our lives. In fact, we are actually appreciating your place in our lives more.

So, thank you to all the men out there who are trying to be the best men, the best fathers, the best husbands that they can be. Thank you for all the examples that you are setting for our sons and daughters. We appreciate you guys!

Muna, born and raised in Nigeria, moved to the United States as an adult. She loves life, truth, justice, harmony and balance. She is a Life Transformation Strategist who passionate about empowering people and helping them transform into their magnificent true selves.

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