Men Set the Pace in Relationships

Gentlemen, earn and embrace leadership in dating and relationships.

If there is one thing you will discover at the start of a relationship, it is that women are expecting you to set the pace of the relationship. 

She has to feel that there is a direction congruent with hers. If it isn’t, it won’t be long before she fades away or abruptly ends the relationship. 

You see, “Going with the flow”, doesn’t last long and won’t last at all if she is a woman that is older and focused.

We as men need to learn that as early in our dating life as possible, and for those that know, pass it down to the younger men even if they think they know it all, (which most think they do).

If we are claiming to be leaders, then this is an area where I can assure you it will be put to the test, in an intimate relationship. 

Brothers, providing a secure direction for the relationship is sexy to a woman and they share that sentiment over and over. No woman that has a plan wants to spend time with a man that makes her feel she is going around in circles.  

She should not have to question “what’s going on?” She should know because you lead with words and actions. 

Men, I’ve mentioned many times before that women want men that lead in relationships. Stop concerning yourself with the women that want to lead. Far too many men are complaining about the wrong thing. 

If she has to constantly ask, “What are we?” You haven’t set the tone and direction.  Have the conversation and put in the work.

Date with intention and that means harnessing your masculine energy in a healthy, focused way that lets your woman know she is covered and knows where you both are headed. 

Be the leader you were created to be brothers, and that includes your dating and relationships as well.

Reach out for a consultation if you need a touch up in this area.


  • Ronnie Walker is a Certified Coach in the field of Strategic Intervention, Self Development, Relationship, and Dating Coach Training. Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.

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