After 15 years working in youth group homes, transitional housing facilities, and corrections, Bilal Alaji, the CEO of Illustrious Shoes and O’Ramadan, opens up in his memoir, “This Ain’t My Life,” and champions a voice that allows others to speak. 

Changing the narrative for black men and men in general who are affected by the stereotype of being “macho” motivated the transformational leader to write the intimate story of his life and disclose the learning experiences and challenges he had faced becoming a man of defined purpose. 

Alaji says, “I wanted to share with men that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It is through vulnerability that we will find our strength. This book also addresses many ailments that plague the black community as well as religion. The black community avoids discussions about mental illness, rape, molestation, court proceedings, child support, and depression.” 

Perseverance and faith are vulnerability’s trusted companions on the path to a man’s self-fulfillment. In not accepting a situation and opening up to better options, he changes his way of thinking and allows his dreams to come true.

Although complex family issues are prevalent throughout “This Ain’t My Life,” the high levels of resolve and encouragement inspire and motivate readers to reach their divine purpose.

“The book is universal in that it covers an extensive range of topics and appeals to a diverse reading audience. Whatever your reading pleasure, you will enjoy reading this book,” says Alaji. 

This Ain’t My Life is available in paperback, hardcover, audio and digital version on Amazon and all other major retailers and bookstores. 


About The Author

Bilal Alaji is an entrepreneur, mentor, investor, motivational, and public speaker. As the CEO of Illustrious Shoes and O’ Ramadan, Bilal is a transformational leader that uses his platform to inspire and educate others. With over 15 years working with youth in group homes, transitional housing facilities, and corrections, Bilal uses his experiences to motivate youth. Learn more about Bilal and his memoir by visiting his website.


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