Megan Williams Becomes the Youngest Nail Salon Owner in the State of Texas

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When others asked for a car or money or even a ride, 18-year old Megan Williams asked for the keys to success. She is the daughter Rasheeda Arterberry, the CEO of American Manicure School of Art. Following in her mothers footsteps of entrepreneurship, Megan opened Rockstar Nails Tyler Salon on December 31, 2019 becoming the youngest nail salon owner in the State of Texas.

“2020 my daughter Megan Williams became the youngest Nail Salon Owner here in the State of Texas,” Aterberry explained. “While grown ups are waiting to figure it out, Megan dived in the entrepreneur business!”

Megan is attending Texas Community College (TCC) as a transfer business major to UT Tyler in June. Although her admiration was set on going to Prairie View A&M, her mind told her to stay close to her business.

She has been watching and saving her money during her high school years. Megan told her mother that she wanted to take control of the legacy and finish building the empire with her own capital.


“Megan didn’t want fancy clothes, cars or material things,” Ms. Arterberry stated. “She didn’t want to party or go to clubs. She wanted to learn the business and how she can become wealthy at a young age. So, I gave her the keys to success!”

Megan plans to open up a second salon in Dallas in June. Following that, one will also open in Houston and Austin the following year.




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