Mbye Njie Creates Legal Equalizer App to Create Safety Net Between Civilians, Law Enforcement

Davidson College graduate Mbye Njie shares how and why he came up the Legal Equalizer App that aims to keep both drivers and police safe during stops. Legal Equalizer App enables drivers who are pulled over or anyone else to record police actions and read briefs about their rights. With just a couple taps on the phone screen, video begins recording, local defense attorneys are just a speed dial away and an automatic text is sent to up to five pre-determined, trusted contacts. The text will say you’ve been stopped by police and give your coordinates. 

Can you tell myself and the reader’s about yourself?

I was born in The Gambia which is the smallest country in Africa.  I moved here at the age of 7, not speaking a word of English.  I grew up in Macon, Georgia and I am a graduate of Davidson College class of 2004.  I’m a huge sports fan, political junkie and all around nerd.  

Growing up and still to this day who inspires you?

The answer remains the same on that one and that would be my stepmother, Dr. Catherine Meeks.  She raised me from the age of 7 on up and has provided me with the educational background and the spirit that drives me to always try to help others and make the world a little bit better than I found it.

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